The 3 F’s of Real Estate Blog Content Creation

The 3 F’s of Real Estate Blog Content Creation

If content in king, then content creation is the Kings Mother. Without quality content then you might as well not have any content. The key to great content, no matter what industry you are working in is to follow the Rules of the Three F’s – Fresh, Frequent and Fundamental.

What is your Focus?

Your focus is on creating valuable and informative content for the real estate consumer, your community and anyone you want to connect with. This is organic lead generation at its best. If you are an established agent, a new agent, or just looking for a new element to add to your real estate practice, blogging is probably the most powerful of all online tools you can use (short of videos, but you can also combine the two – that’s a more advanced topic). Why should you care? What results would you get?

The Payoff

The Three F’s of Content Creation are the basics, and most reliable method to ensure that you content is relevant, timely and most of all gives you great search results. When search results are obtained through content creation like this we refer to those as “organic” which is the best, and most effective way to increase your search results on most search engines.

Let’s review the three F’s and explain why each is important and why if you do nothing else anywhere on line, you might want to consider these basics.

The Three F’s of Content Creation

  1. Fresh

    Fresh content means you are creating new content, it doesn’t mean you are reinventing the wheel, you are just providing a new spin on it. Have you ever wondered how many different way you could say a single statement? This is the time to figure that out. You do want to keep it Fun (maybe we should make this 4 F’s?) so that your audience is engaged, but don’t worry about your lack of training as a writer, it is more important to communicate in a conversational manner.

  2. Frequent.

    Make it frequent! Frequency is essential and truly non-negotiable. To get the optimum results from your efforts, you need to deliver that fresh content at least three times per week. Ideally posting fresh content five or even six days a week for the first few months will deliver faster and more powerful results, but if you are not up to the task then start with three days a week.

  3. Fundamental

    The content you are providing should meet a fundamental need of the audience you are trying to attract. Think of the questions that you are frequently asked, and use those as topics. I like to keep a micro-cassette recorder with me in the car to make notes on topic ideas that pop into my head. Keep a micro-journal in your pocket or pocketbook to help jot down notes as topics or ideas arrive.Your environment is a huge influence; the things you see every day as a REALTOR can inspire content creation. When you take a few minutes to really look you will be amazed at the plethora of inspiration there is right under your nose.

It’s Not Rocket Science (usually)

Content creation doesn’t have to be complicated so don’t over think it. Go easy on yourself and your audience, try writing about topics you are passionate about or extremely knowledgeable about in your market. Consider yourself the Welcome Wagon in many ways what would those new arrivals to your area want to know?

Just start writing, brief is best, trying to keep content about 300 words or fewer. That can be difficult for some people, and self-editing is not always easy. If you are like me and are extremely verbose, working your way toward being succinct is a daunting, but rewarding, task. I will never be as succinct and concise as some, but by my third edit I usually have dropped about 500 words.

Jump on in and get that content created!! If you don’t have somewhere to put it, don’t fear. We will cover that topic shortly.

What are some of your favorite fundamental topics to share on your real estate blog?  Tell us below in the comments, we will highlight the best ideas in an upcoming post!

Humanize to Connect in Real Estate

Humanize to Connect in Real Estate

Real estate agents are quick to adopt the latest social networking platforms, and almost as quick to abandon the same platforms. The advantage for the real estate agent who “gets” social media marketing – a lock on lead generation that costs nothing more than just being human and connecting with people. You need to humanize to connect with consumers on social media.

Humanize to connectReal estate agents are some of the earliest adopters of many of the most successful social networking platforms, but what differentiates those that “make it” with social media and those that do not? The answer is simple: Persevering at being human, flaws and all.

People want to connect with people they can relate to, I have preached this for years and will preach that until the end of my time. Social media is about building community, one human being at a time. Common interests are what unite us with others, and what builds a community. It is no different on social media, so why do so many real estate professionals treat it differently? The silver bullet myth.

Everyone wants a silver bullet, one that will solve all their problems and bring them to the pinnacle of their business, but there really is no such thing. You might subscribe to websites, worship at the altars of so called “social media guru’s” or even buy into the latest coaching or training product to cross your desk, but what substantiation do you have on the success of any of these? Usually that answer is – you never asked, you rely on word of mouth marketing (how ironic, since that is what social media is also about).

The key to build a successful presence on any social media platform is to be real, be authentic, be yourself. No one is perfect, I have gained more followers by sharing my failures, missteps, and foibles than in any other way. People enjoy knowing that they are not alone in the glory of the imperfections of day to day life.
Stop fretting about what you should share, and start sharing those moments when you have to laugh at yourself, or else you might cry.

Be real, and be connected.

The Importance of a Home Buyer Consultation with a REALTOR

The Importance of a Home Buyer Consultation with a REALTOR

You found your dream home online and now you want to see it.

Call a REALTOR for a great real estate buying experienceYou call the phone number listed on the website and get a REALTOR. You inquire about the property and request to see it right away. The REALTOR insists upon first meeting in their office prior to showing you the property. Despite your protests, the REALTOR is insistent upon the meeting.

You hang up, frustrated, immediately calling another REALTOR you find online. The second REALTOR requests the same first meeting, you only want to see this house yet none of the REALTORS want to show it to you. Or do they? The reality is that meeting with a REALTOR prior to seeing a property is a proven method of helping you, the consumer, have a better real estate buying experience.

The True Professionalism of a Consulation
Buyer Consultations are not a new concept, they have been around for as long as real estate agents have helped people purchase real estate. The purpose of a Buyer Consultation is to let a real estate professional understand your needs, determine what your requirements are for a property, review the process and procedures of a real estate purchase and help you determine what your purchasing power is. The result of a consultation is proven to be a far less frustrating real estate purchasing experience.

Why do most consumers get defensive when a REALTOR requests a meeting first? There is a conditioning in the society to believe that a REALTOR offers no value other than the ability to open a door and allow you to view a house. That is far from the scope of what a real estate professional does, in fact it is the tiniest portion of the work they do. Understanding the real value of using a real estate professional will help you, the home buyer, truly appreciate what it means to have an Agent who represents you in your real estate purchase.

The first step to understanding this is to meet with an experienced REALTOR and review your needs, as well as mutually set communication expectations and review the process. Despite your apprehensions to slow down and step back when you feel like you are ready to go, you need to overcome the urgency to determine what is truly important, realistic and reasonable for your market place. A REALTOR will ask you questions about what you are looking for, should take extensive notes, be able to introduce you to their business partners such as loan officers and title representatives, who all play an essential role in getting you from this appointment to home ownership.

A Good REALTOR Makes the Process Seem Effortless
If a REALTOR is good at what they do, you will believe the process to me mostly effortless, because their job is to keep things on track and make sure no obstacles pop up on your way to your closing on the new home of your dreams.

Remember, perception isn’t always reality, while a REALTOR may have to jump through hoops, make many trips to the property without you, facilitate papers being sent to many different parties involved, to get you to that exciting moment when you get the keys, their job isn’t to show you all those things and perhaps that is part of the problem with public perception. Just like a great magician, the trick should be effortless and impossible to see all the work that goes into making it happen.

The next time a REALTOR wants to meet with you before showing you a house, be confident that you have a true professional, focused on your needs, and not just someone who is opening doors so you can browse through a house that might not be right for you.