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So everyone has told you that you should be on social media, but what does that mean? How does that benefit the real estate professional?

Social media is about building your expertise and being more accessible to potential customers and clients. If you think Twitter is about what you had for lunch, and Facebook is pointless, you might just be making excuses so you don’t need to engage in what you don’t understand, and that’s a GOOD thing. How can you do something well if you don’t understand why you are doing it?

Coldwell Banker Social Media "RockStar" Panel 2011

Right to Left: Maya Paveza with Christophe Choo, Jessica Edwards and David Marine

Stop wondering and start outsourcing. EstateSocial is here to make it all easier. Take back your time and put your social media on autopilot with one of the most experienced real estate professional in social media in the Country, Maya Paveza. Maya created EstateSocial to meet the needs of the REALTOR and the Brokerage. Your time isn’t best spent figuring out how to “tweet” it’s better spent working with your Clients. Time is money, and we save you time and make you money by offering an incredibly, if not ridiculously, affordable solution that is market EXCLUSIVE.

It’s time to make outsourcing accessible and to truly deliver the goods you expect. We get you because we ARE you. Take a look at our package options (coming soon) the Market Exclusive package includes a weekly original blog post, multi-channel daily engagement, posting and management all for the incredibly low price of $350.00/month for an Agent Package. Broker Exclusive packages are $550.00/month for a recruitment and retention focused content offering, and $450.00/month for a Consumer focus – both packages include weekly blog posts.

You don’t need to do anything other than complete the registration forms, pay your monthly fee and get your start date. We guarantee quality results, and great content.

Real estate, as an industry, is really about customer service and satisfaction.  Serving the needs of the client, putting their best interests first in a real estate professional capacity as their representative (aka Agent).  The consumer needs to understand that the real estate professional works for them, what that means and how we help them. By helping you provide great consumer content on social platforms, we help build your reach, credibility and searchability.

Quality content sharing, authentic engagement, experienced management of your social platforms will lead to more business opportunities, community engagement and greater reach.

You shouldn’t just be there, you should be there for the right purpose and right reason.

Coming soon our podcast and Google Hangouts to answer questions Live!

*Prices are based on a 6 month contract, services are pre-paid at least 5 days prior to the start of the following month. Products are delivered during the time period so advance payment is expected. Credit cards are accepted.