Is Your House Haunted? ‘The House Cleaner’ Can Help

I am excited to announce an addition to the EstateSocial Team and a new feature for this blog. I recently encountered a few situations where properties had a distinctive “energy” about it, whether I felt panic, nervous or anxious – I wasn’t sure what was happening.

I did some research and came across “The House Cleaner” – a fellow REALTOR and licensee, who also offers the added service of being able to “transition” the energy in those sorts of properties, typically resolving the sensation. It has actually shown results in getting properties sold.

The best way to say it, when you walk into a house and just KNOW there is something you don’t like about it, it could be the perfect house but just something “feels wrong” about it, this could be the reason and “The House Cleaner” can help resolve, or guide you toward a resolution.

I have asked them to join the team here and contribute as they are able. They prefer to remain anonymous here, but will be happy to answer questions, or even consider visiting properties if you have a problem house or listing.

I hope everyone enjoys these new glances into the “spiritual reality” that exists in many homes. The House Cleaner will tell us how to recognize things, and how to find a resolution to a problem energy or help in changing the dynamic of the energy.